Sunday, May 30, 2010


May 29, 2010 Calatagan, Batangas-Stilts Resort
Just want to be a plain girly with a simple but cool summery outfit.
Never enjoyed the games, it kept me sweat a lot. I actually don't like sports hahha...
My buddy buddy friends are busy with hosting, texting, sight seeing so I gotta have  a leeway for fun and enjoy the place for...(what?) photo shooting! Glad I found Glenda, she's photo addict, I don't know if she really is or she just want to accompany me least I made this day! Miss yah Lhot!
This is what I wore, during our morning stay and during the sweaty games...continuation of these photos by tomorrow, have to wait for Glenda's uploading session. This was taken in the restroom (again).
Good day!
That's my lunch. Lechon, Pinakbet(Ilocano Delicacy),Roasted Chicken,Beef Caldereta

White V-Neck shirt-Kentucky Made in the Phils.bought fr. Divisoria
Denim shorts-DIY (Do it yourself-old denim Bobson pants)
Slip on-Havaianas
Ring-Genevive Gozum
Scarf-SM Dept.Store

Photos taken by: The Dummy

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