Friday, May 28, 2010


Veinte Y Cincuenta (Php20.00 and Php50.00). I bought this accessories in a mall. 
Yo tambiĆ©n me alegro(I'm so contented and happy) bec. of it's price and it's vintage design. Spanish e'?!!! Just wanna try Spanish hahahha... 
The earings are Php20.00 each so I bought 3 pairs (not on a panicking mode). The Belt is only Php50.00. Don't forget the bonus which is the ring worth Php75.00 from Genevieve Gozum.  I don't have any idea yet on "when & where" I'll gonna be wearing those earings. I'm not much of a girl who wants dangling earings, but fashion blogging inspired me a penetrated my monotonous fashion, it invaded my whole me hahah...

My summer outfit for today will be posted by tomorrow caz I deleted it already in my camera after saving it on my PC at the office. Hay, kainis! It's good that hubby and I went to the mall and found these thingies, I posted something! I'm not a hollow blogger for this day, I'm definitely definitely present!

My condolences to Sarno Family.
Our sympathy is with you and warm affection we'll offer you, and to Lhot, we'll be on your side always!
From: The Lopez Family

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