Thursday, May 20, 2010


Wow! 3 days in a row, never posted any blog. I have this hard time taking pics coz I am usually off to work by  8pm and I  can't rely on my camera during night time. Now, sagacity here it comes...that  THURSDAY will be my second blogging day for the week...the other day is Sunday whohooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I have now my blogging sked...can I make it? Can I really make it? Good luck to me.

Why Thursday? well, I have to go home early by then caz we have to go to church and I have 30 mins. still to fix the face, do the pose and.... CLICK!!!
Nah nah nah...!!!!  A very very big "But" comes my way.....I can hardly encourage my little photographers to do their job caz Spongebob is stealing their show! Huh, hate it!

So now....good that I dressed this flowery dressy on my way to work, never had an idea that this will be my featured dress for the day so called the day of THURSDAY BLOGGIN'.... hehehe...

I designed this dress during "ancient" times , and if my eyes weren't deceiving me, I saw this dress (same print material and same cut) worn by a commercial model(shampoo ad or soap ad...nahhh can't remember anymore). I just returned this  in my closet last week, caz I left it in our old house (really planned to left it caz am too fat that time to wear it) . Since the blog thing started...I keep on digging and searching old/vintage stuffs from my heap of old clothes. And this is where I got this dress....again...back in my arms.... and body!

Scattered things of my little time for a squeaky-clean,...hurry-scurry! make haste my son! take the pic, take the pic!

Dress Design: Me-The Dummy
Accessories-Bracelet/Earing/Necklace set by GEustaquio
Ring-Flea market
 Photos taken by: Gabrielle and Miguel
Location: The Grimy Ent. Rm

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