Friday, May 21, 2010


I've found my DIGICAM! Tried it if it's more dependable than my cel's camera and it did, better than before harharhar!!!

Friday it really a funday??? It was an exhausting day actually. After 3 consecutive interviews from the Students Admissions Office down to the School's Headmaster, whew...I  feel so drained and exhausted. I bought a good lunch for Gabrielle (my eldest) caz he spent 3 hrs for the entrance test and headed straight for the seemed endless interview. He should be the one actually complaining about this hhehee...and it felt so good that we surpassed the tiring day having in our thoughts that he'll soon be studying here in Brent (as my dependent).

We went home early for my husband's dinner treat for us.
 Oooopps I stole a moment with my young photographers to have a pic bonding with me. Not my scheduled blogging day and I'm kinda smiley about my outfit for this Friday Funday.

I bought this stretchable pants from a mall. Cheapy for Php100.00. This blouse was from a flea market, i love its ruffles and laces, though without using a belt it'll make you look flabby so I used my laced shawl to wrap around my waist that served as a belt.

  Blouse-Flea market
One Toe Thong Sandals-Flea market

Photos taken by: Miguel

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