Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's my church day. We'll be moving to the Locale of South City. New environment, new people, new friends. 
I'm sad and excited, It's a mixed emotion actually.I'll be missing my old friends. I'll be longing for the mingling and laughing and bonding. Excited at the same time caz I'll be meeting new friends. Hope I can find the homey feeling and the exceeding sodality that I felt in my 8 years of stay in our former locale.

Since I'll be heading straight to our worship service, I want my summer get-up to be cool, comfy and appropriate for the place at the same time. ....and my bolero saved the day.

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Jing said...

Hello Ms. Thea!thank you for the are the sweetest.You look younger than your age.very sexy and stylish mom.sana ganyan din ako kasexy pag mommy nako.hihi.i'm glad that I found another "ukay" lover.apir Ms.Thea!

love the skirt.nice colors.and the belt-powerful!