Friday, June 4, 2010


I wanna cry a river.
Really. I wanna cry till it becomes a wide river of tears.
I always have this insanity moment where sadness, restlessness, depression and disappointments passes through me for no earthly reason. I'm longing for something or for someone that I know I can't have. I can feel a throe in my heart and and in my soul. Am I like a locked cache full of wretchedness? Life is like  living in a small bottle, you can't hide from anyone, you can't run till you see no one. It really pushes you to something or someone that you don't want to bump-in anymore. You ended up something and it mischievously lets you hold into another one that you can't hold off. If I'm a Genie trapped in a vial of tears, will Alladin come along to let go of my miseries? I need a magic carpet.
I am a folly.