Friday, June 4, 2010


Butter face.
Not that I have an oily face in these pics, that's the secondary having an exhausted and bothered face. That's what you'll become if you're in a bunch of expectations,.. that everything will gonna be perfectly okay.., until someone or something will come along your way to ruin everything you have planned. There's nothing wrong being a far-flung sometimes, what I mean is we have to be a far-flung in all aspects of our life. We have to see the unquestioning truth why it all happened and why some of these are not meant for us to have. Not everyday is okay. A day with a perfect all is like reaching a star with your bare hands, we have to outshine a gloomy day, we have to surmount a mountainous miseries and trials, we have to have a day carrying a new hope that tomorrow everything will be in the rightful path again. 
Hope to have it before I get THERE.


libys11 said...

great wash on those jeans!! i miss buying jeans back in the philippines.. they always fitted well with my height! hahaha!

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blackberry said...

halow! thanks for the comment, it really is, just for our sizes hahaha!!