Monday, June 28, 2010

Now I know

Hep hep Hurray!
A big thanks to Lhot for getting me as her guinea pig. I owe you my good skin and good face angles here hahahha
A very frantic day, a really disturbing one, so I haven't much that time to work productively. It's really a backbreaking and a pain in the neck when u hide your true feelings and emotions sometimes and It's a hardrock being  modest and refined lady at the same time.
My garden is in the mood for love in re-fixing and beautifying, if it turned into a Garden of Eden, I'll call my Adam and let him take me some pics hahha
A monday starter..not bad!
Frantic, backbreaking, excitement...hmmm can't stand it all, but I'm still here...facing and eating all the drudge feelings I've been through.  I thank my friendies in helping me sustain my sanity realizing that I once wasted my being in a buffet of phonies. Now I know.

Blouse-from my SF blog boutique
Blings-flea market

PS-we had a sumptuous and hotty spicy lunch, thank you Lhot!

photos by: lzhar


Melai said...

Hi dear, I love this black sheer top on you. The whole outfit is simple and laidback. I like it :) I'm following you now. I see you have a shop. Wow, affordable prices ;)

Melai of Style and Soul

gen said...

what a great blouse! very flattering on you!