Thursday, July 1, 2010

I now proclaim my day of rest

June 29, 2010. Tomorrow is a holiday, it's Noynoy Aquino's Proclamation day as a President of the Phils. and another big thing to look forward to is, we'll gonna have a big day to rest. Hopefully it will, not unless we decided to go out. I wanna sleep for the rest of the day tomorrow, enjoy the scent of my bed and pillow and hubby hehhe, I wanna slumber and sloom and slumber and sloom for the next 8 hrs. and with that of a dream in NYC buying costly bags and thingies hehhee...Sorry for the disheveled hair, I'm just so lazy to tie it properly. With my last pic, Gab asked me to just untie it and let it just flow as it is, I think he's right.
Tonight is the long awaited moment with friends, just dine and drink and chat and laugh...can't wait. Have a nice vac!

Black -from SM
Footwear-Happy Feet
Watch-Hubby's Timex

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