Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i owe u both a coffee

do you know them? these guys are awesome, my secret why I have these lovely shots ( well as for me they are lovely hehehhee) just check it out and you'll not regret)..

This is our location.
Oilyness next to ugliness, i should be hiring PA next time hehehe
A special request by lhot.

Meet my friends... Lhot and
My unprepared outfit turned into a fab one, ( i hope it's fab LOL)!!!
I'll buy a Brent coffee for you tomorrow, yehey! Thanks so so much!

Blue Top: Coolwater Davidoff
Pants: Majorena
Heels: Mario d boro
Watch: Timex by Hubby
Blings: Fleamarket


Jing said...

fabulous indeed! you look lovey, ate thea!
ang ganda mo sa blue. ang top pwede xang maging dress noh?hehe

Anonymous said...

wow, two photographers! great photos and yes, its fab plus i want your necklace! :)