Wednesday, July 7, 2010

less mess

am just so proud i ended up my messiness. I was so excited to get this glass cabinet from our store, and it took 4 masculine guys to put it in our room. No, these thingies are not for sale, hehheheh.. So this is just for now not until my budget is ready to purchase a wooden one with a design of my choice. I usually ask my husband to draw the designs of furnitures we want to add in our house, but for the meantime, I'll just let my hubby draw it and i'll just stare at it and lay my eyes on it and just gaze at it...... hahha!!
this earing and ring organizer is a styro trash from my new printer in the office, not a bad idea no?
no more under the bed bags.

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fashionstoned said...

Love the earring organizer!!