Tuesday, January 18, 2011



tassled red pumps are for girls with sexy slim feet.
i don't have sexy slim feet.i have a ginger-like feet. i still feel so lucky coz i only have its look not its smell. i bought this not because it’s red, i bought this  because i need a feet molder. been wearing this for 3 consecutive days already. Improvements? It has improvements. My feet slimmed an inch and can wear it 8hrs straight even doing the catwalk,great right?! Coz I thought I bought a molder but it’s not.  I bought an anesthesia, coz my feet are numbed to pain already :((



thegreenhairclip said...

you're funny! LOL anesthesia talaga?! hahha

Mayet said...

lol! you made my day. now just sit and relax:)

Reese Milania said...

Nice shoes. :-)

aiz kim said...

didn't know we could trim down the size of our feet with shoes...thanks for the tip!!!

Janina said...

I like those shoes! ((:
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