Monday, September 5, 2011

the culprit

gained 2 pounds already since i started blog hopping from different blogs out there who posts tempting recipes. 
my kids misses my baking adventures so much. so I skipped my laundry last sunday and decided to bake something for them. 
i let them choose what kind of cake they want to eat.
and so here's my Chocolate Meringue Kek(cake)
i can see i needed a plain white cake stand to better see how tempting my cakes are.
laid back.
black coffee or hot chocolate. 


michi said...

i agree with you, i'm also gaining pounds because of blog hopping. hehe! your cake looks so yummy! =)

Anonymous said...

naku! naku! chocolates!! buhay ko yan.. hehe! i really love it..

lhenie coronado babao said...

Thanks for giving me an inspiration here in your i had a friend can read my blogs....thanks BLOG...ehehehehe....