Saturday, December 17, 2011

green cornet

While typing this, I'm in a silent war with Allan. Dare me, I can be a beast within an hour. Okay, ice it!
I've 2 dislocated metal braces from my mouth already. Can't stop munching these little green creepies. They get snobbed if mixed in meat and other dishes. and oh, i'm enjoying my red grape sparkling wine, no i'm not drinking wine because of the war. Besides, it's a non-alcoholic sparkling wine my deary. I never knew wine can be a non-alcoholic. hmmm... hop in. sip. sip. sip.... in a nice luminarc wine glass. Absolutely elegant,
tastefully fine with my  oh so red nails.
nighty night!



Mom Daughter Style said...

I love that. I have to go to the Asian store to get some.

jhengpot said...

hahaha.. stop! or else before you know it you're addicted :) haha