Tuesday, May 29, 2012


she doesn't need much fashion, her perfectly beautiful  face says it all.
I wanna be rich and fashionable like her when I grow up -may when I grow up talaga hahah

a dress in flats and trench. much better if I am that skinny :( ...and young.

perfect long summer dress. I can show my shoulder, yes. but not my arms. aaaaa.....
this is what I needed. I'm keeping lots of striped dresses but I do lack of ideas on how to wear it.

so I have to have boyfriend jeans eh?

she loves wearing denim skirts too. sister much? ahehehehe

see? she really is my sister. she's fond of wearing denim skirts. like me. ahahahhaa...
I peep in Frugal Fashionista  if I sometimes feel the symptoms of  I-don't-have-clothes-in-my-closet syndrome. My favorite labels?  Zoe and Miranda's. We are all both pretty ahahahaa...and skinny ahahhaha...and pretty and skinny ahahhaa
after all, girls can dream. 
am I right? or I am right?


Marjorie Gavan said...

i love the first look, that of olivia palermo.

Jana said...

I am really not into fashion, but hey, maybe I can learn much from you. :) Followed you here! xoxo