Friday, June 1, 2012


 Laughter fills the air. I miss these kids. In a year or two, I can have my own teeners already. I prefer them to be my babies forever. If I can only cease the time.
have a lovely weekend. enjoy your babies :)



Genskie said...

awww you are blessed with 2 cute lil kids.. Have a wonderful weekend Mathea


anney said...

Ang cu cute ng mga bagets mo! Bilis talaga lumaki ng mga bata!

promding chamimay said...

i have an 8mo old boy...and reading your thoughts about your boy's turning to teeners soon made me realize my boy's growing up way too fast too... one moment he's too little and now he's just not a baby baby anymore... oh mommie fears....

am a new follower by the way! hope you could follow me back. :-) see you around! :-)